Introducing Pay What You Can — A model that allows you to choose your price according to your possibilities, making ethical shopping more accessible. It offers three price options you can choose from!

  • Original: Covers artisan wage, admin, marketing & sales costs, plus a profit margin used to reinvest back into our business. 
    • Full price - No discount code
  • Medium: Covers all costs listed above, plus a smaller reinvestment.
    • 20% off - Use discount code Medium
  • Minimum: Covers our base, plus the smallest reinvestment. This is nearly what we we offer to our wholesale accounts.
    • 35% off - Use discount code Minimum

We have been reflecting on how to make conscious shopping more accessible for all. We recognize that we are under a strained economy that might be affecting some of you as it has affected us.

We hope this initiative supports those who must spend less this year, but don’t want to compromise their values in the process.

Pay What You Can is active starting today, through Aug 1! It is applicable site-wide.