Our Story

Minga is a small, woman-run accessories brand based in San Diego, CA. We aim to preserve heirloom practices and low-impact materials to ethically produce bags, hats, wallets and accessories that last.

Our Story

In 2018, we launched our first bag collection after partnering with a small group of talented women in the highlands of Ecuador. We spent months living with this community to understand their story and craft. This season birthed our vision to create beautiful products through sustainable and traditional means.

What started with a few simple bags grew into a collection of thoughtful heirloom accessories. Over the years, we have expanded to work with a women-ran family hat studio, as well as a small team of leathersmiths. Today, Minga is always seeking to grow authentically alongside our partners and customers, while staying true to the artisanal processes and roots we have grown from.

Our Name

At Minga, we aim to elevate the beauty of coming together. Our name was derived from the Spanish word, Minga. In Ecuador, a minga is a way of life; an event when friends and neighbors devote their time, pour their energy and share each other’s company to work toward a common goal.

Here at Minga, we are passionate about this collaborative way of life and work together to create beautiful accessories. Thank you for being a part of our journey.