Our Values

Connection in Conversation

We understand that each individual has a story to share and their own unique viewpoint. We acknowledge the life-changing impact that can arise from heartfelt conversations and sharing experiences. Our purpose is to bridge the gap and showcase the stories and art of those we collaborate and work with.

Together We Flourish

We believe in the power of unity to achieve greatness. We're more than a brand; we're fostering a community of storytellers, creatives, and conscious individuals. Our community comes first, and we're dedicated to offering products, stories and experiences that will bring them insight, inspiration, connection and value.

Inspired by Nature

We work with raw materials, like natural dyes and plant fibers, that come from the same place that we come from. We are guided by the natural cycles and rhythms within ourselves to help us stay in tune with our values.  We do our best to cut down on waste and consider each step of the process in our work.

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