Handmade Leather Journal


Everything about this journal is special and completely made by hand. We partnered with a women's group who create recycled paper to craft these beloved, handmade leather bound journals. Using their community's scrap paper, they give old paper new life.


  • ~30 Recycled Paper Pages
  • Size: H 8.25" x L 6.5"
  • Inside Leather Pocket
  • Vegetable Leather Cover designed to be reused for life
  • Leather Wrap Tie and Pen Holder


Lots of thought and love goes into making these journals. From start to finish of the beautiful process, our artisan partners in Ecuador make them by hand. Recycled paper is reduced down to be able to create fresh, new sheets for these handmade leather journals. Then we use Vegetable Tanned Leather to make a one-of-a-kind cover designed to be reused and last for generations.

A Leather that Will Last

Each and every Minga leather piece is made by hand with high-quality leather that is naturally-dyed and free of chemicals to reveal its unique texture and natural imperfections. The leather will naturally wear over time, picking up oils to soften and beautify.

Handmade in a Small Family-Run Workshop

We partner with a small, family-run business that has worked with suela, a sustainable leather that is processed with plants, for over 25 years. We have been working with their studio since the start of our brand and truly admire their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

High-Quality Sustainable Materials

Our artisan partners make each leather piece by hand, one by one, adding on brass hardware and using strong threads so each piece is guaranteed to last.