Hat Sizing

If you are in between sizes or unsure of your hat size, we recommend sizing up. Most of our hats have an elastic band on the inside to add a snug fit. Questions? Reach out to us emily@madebyminga.com

Finding your hat size: To find your personal hat size, you will have to measure the circumference of your head. You'll need either a flexible tape-measure or a long piece of fabric (i.e. scarf or string) and a ruler. Simply wrap it around your head about 2-3" above your eyebrows to find the circumference. 
Please read the description for each product to understand if there's any changes or design notes to take into account.

Extra Small 52cm


Small 54cm


Medium 56cm


Large 58cm


Extra Large 60cm




Sweater Sizing

Our sweaters are designed to be cropped and a bit oversized for extra coziness. Currently, we offer two sizes and we hope to add more in the future. 


Size Chest Width

Chest Length

S-M 53 cm

55 cm

L-XL 56cm

58 cm




Caring for your hat

If your hat needs a tune-up, we recommend using a soft bristle brush or lint roller to lightly clean it. If you have any stains on your hat, you can use an all-natural soap and white damp cloth to remove the stain. On our wool hats, stains may come out by using sandpaper. If your hat gets wet, allow it to dry on a flat surface so it maintains its shape. 


Re-flatten or shaping the brim of your hat

If your hat is losing it’s shape or stiffness, you can easily reshape it at home. You will need an iron, ironing board, and damp sheet or cloth. Place the hat on an ironing board with a damp sheet covering brim where the iron will make contact. This will avoid the iron burning or scaring your hat. With steam, gradually iron the brim of your hat. Once done ironing, let your hat cool on a hard and flat surface for at least 10 mins.



Caring for your bag

Cabuya, the natural plant fiber we use for our bags, is plant dyed and spun by hand. Cabuya is a very strong and durable fiber, and it also softens and its character deepens with wear.

If you end up with a spot or stain on your bag, gently rub the spot with a damp white towel using a gentle, natural soap. It is important to understand that natural, plant-dyed fibers should be washed by hand in cold water and limited chemicals. Given it’s all-natural makeup, using harsh detergents or machine washing your bag will result in color fade. Hang or sit out to dry.