Patchwork Bucket Hat - Naturally Dyed

$64.00 $128.00

Go bold and have fun with this new, one-of-a-kind style that is our new community favorite. This patchwork bucket hat takes days of work. First, we dye a batch of wool hats using different plants from Ecuador, then cut the dyed wool into pieces to sew, one by one, each patchwork bucket design.


Small: 52-54cm / 20.5"-21.25"

Medium: 55-57cm / 21.5"-22.5"

Large: 58-62cm / 22.74"-24.5"

If you are in between sizes or unsure of your hat size, we recommend sizing up. Most of our hats have an elastic band on the inside to add a snug fit. For more information, visit our Sizing & Care page or scroll down for more info.

  • 100% plant dyed wool
  • Small bucket hat style brim
  • Custom elastic lining to increase sizing adaptability
  • Available in S-XL

Minga hats are handcrafted by a generational family of hat makers in Ecuador. Each and every hat is made by hand, one by one, using the finest wool and finishings. Each Minga hat goes through an incredibly intensive process to create the final shape. After preparing the wool hat blank, our artisan partners use a press to create the hat shape. Once it’s formed, it’s carefully trimmed, ironed, cleaned and sewn. This means that no two hats are exactly alike and almost all contain irregularities from size to color. Please allow for slight imperfections as this is what adds to the unique character of each hat. 

Inspired by generational craftsmanship, we honor our artisan communities as individuals and artists and celebrate a craft that’s been around for generations. We are committed to creating products that support heirloom practices.

Learn more about the hat making process here or join us on a trip to learn yourself.