Our Process

We are constantly inspired by the textures, colors, and abundance of our natural world. We use sustainable materials and processes – like natural fibers  and plant dyes – to create our traditional pieces. 

Sustainability Passed Down

Since our start, we’ve collaborated with several groups of highly-skilled multigenerational artisans. These artisans create accessories made 100% by hand with all-natural materials.

We currently work with the plant fibers, cabuya and paja toquilla, natural dyes, as well as sheep’s wool and vegetable-tanned leather, to make our bags and hats.

Artisanship Celebrated

Behind traditional artisanship are careful, one-of-a-kind processes. We honor not only the craft, but the person behind it. 

Honoring traditional artisanship doesn’t look like emulating the finished product but rather championing the process. We honor not only the craft but the person behind it - their livelihood and wellbeing.