Big news for our small brand—
You can now shop Minga on Madewell.

Our founder, Emily Rathmanner, is the newest member of the Madewell x Nest Makers Collective. Emily worked with Madewell to curate a special collection of Minga accessories to be on the nationwide site for the next six months.

A note from our founder:

I'm so honored and humbled that Minga and I were chosen to be a part of the Madewell Maker's Collective in collaboration with Nest.

This is a big moment for Minga and we wouldn't be able to make it happen without our team of artisan partners who are the heart and soul of our brand. Minga's sales and operations are still small, yet this collaboration is a reminder of the magic behind our work and that anything is possible.

The past year we have been focusing on growth and reinvesting profits so that opportunities like Madewell can happen slowly with time. It’s important to me that no matter where this brand goes that our handmade production process moves at its own rhythm and leaves room for ease— as our artisan partners work at a pace that’s set by nature and their own two hands.


Running a small business with limited resources has its ups and downs  and given this launch, I’ve been reflecting on how much Minga has grown the past 6 years. I'm grateful that opportunities continue to come, community continues to show up, and big dreams and goals slowly get checked one by one. And of course, the two most important ingredients: a little bit of trust + whole 'lot of heart.

At the end of the day, this brand has never been about big growth or huge sales, fashion or hats... Minga began as an experiment, a dream to partner with artisans and tell their stories and craft. I wanted to see what could happen starting my own biz, working for myself in collaboration with others. If little Em 6 years ago knew what was coming for her, she wouldn't believe it. Minga is where it is today because of the people around me. It has brought me deep understandings, shown me the meaning of purpose and community and brought me to many beautiful places and new endeavors like this collaboration with Madewell. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust. Thank you for being here.


Every purchase on
helps to show brands like Madewell that handcrafted, thoughtfully-made products (and working with brands like us who are making them) are worth far more than fast-fashion production. Let’s show them that we care about how a product is made, who is making it, and what materials are being used— That we crave for products + brands that have a story and are made with the environment + consumption in mind.

Photos by @lilyyday


Minga = Community 🤍 There’s no way this could happen without our people. My partners in Ecuador: the Flora de Choco, Paco, Zoila, Carlos, Yoli, all the Minga artisan team, to Taylor, my mentors Stacey and Vanessa, to my past roommates who put up with all the hats in the garage, to all the creatives and talent I’m able to collaborate with, brands I’m able to work alongside and grow with, to my friends and all the community and customers behind this little brand. I thank you for helping us get here. 

 xo Emily



Emily Rathmanner