We’re so excited to pick up our #InMyMinga interview series, this time introducing our friend and Minga ambassador, Esmeralda. This inspiring woman has transcended the separation between human and nature - she is a bridge between worlds. Ritmos Sagrados is the name of the container where she shares her diverse medicine, which could be described in short as a traveling healing space and botanical apothecary. However, with Esme, labels fall short as she truly goes beyond any fixed boxes as she overflows with beauty and surprises. 

Firstly, tell us who you are, where you come from and where you’re currently working on?

I am beaming with joy to answer all of these questions from my heart! 

I am a faerie, a dreamer, a poet, and a medicine woman given the name of my grandmother, Esmeralda. I am first-generation born in the jungle of Los Angeles. I was born under a waxing gibbous moon into a spiral of lineages African and indigenous Kalinago-Taino, caribbean - arawak origin, also known as Garifunas. 

There is so much blooming in my heart, it is Spring! The season in which I was born. My path as a Medicine woman is in full bloom through Ritmos Sagrados. This season I will focus on bridging flower essences and cleansing rituals to our community.


You’ve been on some big and beautiful travels lately - any realization that came up while being on the road? 

Mmm, yes the deepest gratitude for journeys I have been blessed to embark on. Oftentimes I leap into the mystery when I embark on my next journey. The biggest realization that became clear after Egypt and Asia is the importance of grounding while we are in motion. 

For me grounding is through weaving altars wherever I go ~ to light a candle, breathe, visualize myself embraced by a golden light, to pause to whisper my gratitude to the Great Mystery, my Ancestors and to the land that holds me in that moment. This is where I also pray for guidance on my next step and trusting that my heart compass will always lead me forward.

Tell us about the journey that has led you to your one-of-a-kind offerings through your apothecary or traveling healing sanctuary?

WOW, I love this questions! I was instantly teleported back to Ecuador. Since I was a little fae I experienced a deep connection to waterfalls and roses. The moment in which I landed in Ecuador and was to live there for a year, I knew waterfalls would lead my way forward. Auspiciously after praying at my altar, I encountered a group of kind souls who extended an invitation to a town called Banos de Agua Santo. My heart instantly whispered yes. To my surprise this town has over 11 incredible waterfalls and we ended up biking to every single one. 

One of these waterfalls completely encompassed my entire being. It gifted me a moment of time travel to the very first waterfall I had ever been in relation with. I may have been 8-9 years old. 

At that age I was navigating abuse, anxiety, depression… so so much darkness. Standing before this waterfall, I understood why I felt the way I do when I'm in their presence. Waterfalls cleanse and purify our entire being. 

Rose has assisted me my entire life upon this earth in remaining soft with an open loving heart while also cloaked in protection. I remember right before my journey a sister told me, Esmeralda, you're going to a land where the most beautiful roses grow!

Along my journey I made it to a sweet coastal town where I met Palo Santo. Wow, what a gift to be in his living presence. My heart led me to a family who has been in deep relation with Palo santo with reverence and love. They gifted me a small vial of Palo Santo oil that accompanied me throughout my time there. One day I was sitting with all three of my closest companions…Waterfall…Sister Rose…Grandfather Palo Santo. That's when they whispered to bridge these medicines into one. 

“Cascada de Amor” which translates to “Waterfall of Love”


What's an important ritual in your everyday life? When do you find time to connect with yourself and spirit?  

My altar and journal. I have altars woven throughout our home and everywhere I share my presence.

The altar by my bedside is the one who inspires me to meet myself there when I rise and before I enter the dream space.

Everyday looks different. But I always light a candle, add a few drops of our flower essences in a cup of water, make an offering to my council and allow my heart to write freely in my journal. When I am desiring to sit with my council and Spirit. I brew a ceremonial cup of cacao or coffee, gather my instruments, wrap my womb with my faja and call in the directions to create a sacred space for my council to sit me. I sometimes will pull cards for them to communicate through and other times I simply allow them to express themselves through my writing (after deep prayer:meditation).

We are so grateful to have you in the Minga community! We’re curious, what are your favorite Minga products and how do you use them? 

It's a blessing to be a part of this community. Wow, well I'm glad you said products because all of my Minga remains with me at all times. All of my hats are actually hanging on the wall behind my seats in my van so I always have options…with my life I never know if I'm going to a meeting, private session, an event or wonder in nature. I adore that I could wear all of my hats by Minga to any occasion.

My brown Zoila Boater Hat, Jessy Water bottle bagMaria market bag, and mini Transito backpack are always with me. I use them daily.  


You have grown so much these past few years. Do you have any advice for others to get into the healing / herbal space? 

Aaaww thank you for seeing me sis. I'm truly so humbled and grateful that my path is ever~blooming. I often think of how I didn't choose this path. It always was beaming there beside me from a very young age. Often those of us who walk the path of service feel the same. 

I believe my growth is unfolding so quickly because of my pure intention of being of service to the Spirit of Healing, the Plants and our community. 

My advice is to learn the foundations of altar weaving and tending. To remain centered in your heart, so you may listen, speak and witness through our heart. To often tend to your devotion and humility. If you are just beginning your walk, don’t jump into sharing so quickly. Allow the beginning chapters to be intimate and kept sacred. Build your foundation… Share healing and medicine with your close community. When the plants and your council  whisper for you to share then you can do so. Your offerings will be received lovingly. 

If your heart whispers to learn through a teacher, pray for them to align before you. There are so many guardians of ancient wisdom with a heart open to share. Again, listen to your heart before you choose a teacher. A certification does not certify you as a healer or herbalist etc. Your devotion is the true certification. 


Anything else you’d like to share? How can we stay in touch with you, my dear?

My heart is beaming. I want to share how grateful I am for you Emily.

Reflecting on the moment I came over with ceremonial cacao and we sat together outside as the sun began to set. I shared my heart whispers with you in regards to the ancestral voyage I was to embark on. You lit my way forward. Thank you for gifting me the opportunity to commune with the sweetest mamitas in Ecuador. Maria and her sweet mama, I'll forever treasure moments shared with them. Especially the moment when our abuelita was so shocked that I’m a natural weaver. I too was surprised!

If you are reading this and have felt pulled to go to the Minga experience, I am here to be your sign that you need to gift yourself this experience.

To stay in touch with me you can follow along on instagram @ritmossagrados or visit our website www.ritmossagrados.love and sign up for our love letters!

Hannah Burgess