Meet our friend Jesse - a painter, farmer, gardener, and faithful member of the Minga community. We love Jesse’s expression of his individuality and excited to highlight him on our Journal.

What's your name, what are you most excited about right now?

My name is Jesse Sunwolf. I guess coolest thing about me is recently becoming a papa. Some things that got me excited right now us the fall. It’s prime creative time for me so lots of painting coming. I’m also building an amazing garden.

How do you stay true to you and your values?

One thing my mama used to tell me was that I always knew what I wanted and felt and nobody could tell me otherwise. So I guess remembering I know myself. 


How do you express yourself creatively?

Well most things I do are with my hands. I’m a painter & a farmer/gardner. So blending the two is something that happens naturally. 

Your favorite hat or piece to wear that feels like you?

Well my hair started locking again recently so Ive been wearing a lot of tams as it’s all I can fit at the moment, but my Minga brim is nice because I can stuff my hair into the top quite well. It’s my go to farming hat. 

How can we support you and your family on this journey?

Support for me and my family is doing to others as you would have them do unto you. Treat the world with kindness and that will ripple to everyone. Listen more. Help more. Give more. Be present. Respect nature.

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Emily Rathmanner