We collaborate with “The Floras de Choco”, a group of women living in the cloudforest of Intag, Ecuador. These women use an ancient crafting technique to create products from cabuya, a native cactus fiber.



This talented group of women exhibit a deep connection to their home and land in the Andes. Working with cabuya is their way of making a living, interacting with nature, and being apart of something. They take pride in their beautiful surroundings and the all-natural art techniques that have been passed down for generations. 

Indigenous people have been crafting products from cabuya for thousands of years. In fact, cabuya was one of the first plant fibers processed for commercial use, but sadly with the introduction of plastics, it’s need has slowly decreased. "The Floras de Choco" represent some of the last communities still using this age-old method. 

By working with these artisans, we are providing them with a reliable income and helping to keep this ancient art-form alive. We work with them to set mutually agreed on prices to ensure they benefit from the partnership, and sustainable and direct trade principles are followed. As Minga evolves, so will our ongoing dialogue and trade practices to ensure that our artisans continue to benefit from our relationship.