Woven Crossbody Bag

Minga is an independent, women + indigenous powered brand based between San Diego, CA and Imbabura, Ecuador. We serve a global community that dreams of a kind and conscious world. Together we create top quality products and experiences that celebrate nature and heirloom craftsmanship.

Our Mission—

We are here to engage in creative collaboration and artisanal experiments in order to offer environmentally sustainable products, celebrate world-class craftspeople and extend inspiration to our community and our partners.

Our Name—

Minga is a social enterprise born in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. In the territory where our products are made, the Kichwa concept of “Minga” inspired the mission we carry until today. 

What is a minga? When a task is too large for the individual, a minga is organized. The whole community participates and makes the task a reality through collective collaboration. This is how houses are built, crops are harvested and roads are kept well.

In 2018, we launched our first bag collection after partnering with a small group of talented women in the highlands of Ecuador. We spent months living with this community to understand their story and craft. This season birthed our vision to create beautiful products through sustainable and traditional means.

What started with a few simple bags grew into a collection of thoughtful accessories. Over the years, we have expanded to work with a women-run family hat studio, as well as a small team of leathersmiths. 

Today, Minga is growing authentically alongside our artisan partners and global community of supporters. We are an ever-expanding community that constantly questions the “business” paradigms in order to remain true to ourselves and our Earth.