Summer Bucket Hat - Crocheted Brown


This crocheted, plant-dyed brown bucket hat is a crowd favorite. Made by hand from naturally-dyed, cabuya plant fiber. A cute, packable hat made by hand and in small batches by our talented women artisan group.


Small: 52-54cm / 20.5"-21.25"

Medium: 55-57cm / 21.5"-22.5"

Large: 58-62cm / 22.74"-24.5"

If you are in between sizes or unsure of your hat size, we recommend sizing up. Most of our hats have an elastic band on the inside to add a snug fit. For more information, visit our Sizing & Care page or scroll down for more info.


  • Plant Dyed & Crocheted Natural Fiber
  • Moveable 3-4" brim 
  • Flexible elastic inner band for the best fit
  • 100% crafted by hand


Our Bucket Hats are handmade by a women’s artisan group living in the cloudforest of Intag, Ecuador. These women use an ancient crafting technique to create products from cabuya, a native agave fiber.

Our bucket hats are all one-of-a-kind. This means that no two are exactly alike and almost all contain irregularities from size to styles to color. Please allow for slight imperfections as this is what adds to the unique character of each hat.

Packable, Flexible and Ready for Adventure

Since our bucket hats are crocheted natural fiber that means they are bendable and flexible! Pack your hat in your suitcase or in the back of your car for a roadtrip and it'll come back to it's shape.

A Tradional Craft Made from Plants

Our artisan partners use Cabuya, a native agave fiber, to make and crochet our Bucket Hats. To access the fiber, our artisan partners harvest the Penca plant and break down its leaves to access the fiber that lives inside to be processed into workable thread.

People have been crafting products from cabuya for thousands of years. In fact, it was one of the first plant fibers processed for commercial use, but sadly with the introduction of plastics, its need has slowly decreased. Our artisan partners represent some of the last communities still using this age-old method.

Colored by Nature

The beautiful tones on our woven bucket hats are made from plants. Our artisan partners collect organic matter like tree barks, leaves and berries to botanically dye and process the fiber.

We're Here to Help with Hat Sizing

We get it, buying a hat online can be tough! All of our hats come with an elastic band to make for easy sizing + fit.

Click the button below for a how-to video to find your hat size and if you are still left with questions, contact us to we'll be happy to help with sizing + styling.