Handmade Leather Stool

Leather Detail

After many years of using this beautiful, portable, lightweight stool at events, we finally have a small batch available for purchase. 

These stools use vegetable tanned leather, and hand-stamped with the patterns used for the leather saddle our master leatherworker's workshop specializes in. This leather folding stool comes in two pieces - a set of swivel wooden legs and a top piece of leather that slips into the legs. It’s easy to set up, packable, and lightweight. Easy to take with you or set up and be a forever piece in your home.

  • Handmade Leather Saddle Top
  • Wooden Swivel Legs
  • Packable + Lightweight
  • 23 inches in height

The Process

We partner with a small, family-run business that has worked with suela, a vegetable-tanned cow leather, for over 25 years. Each stool l is made by hand with high-quality leather that is naturally-dyed and free of chemicals to reveal its unique texture and natural imperfections. The leather will naturally wear over time, picking up oils to soften and beautify.