In our first-ever #InMyMinga Journal posting, we’re so excited to highlight Jasmine Dore, an amazing lady, mama and sustainability preacher and advocate. We found Jasmine through the great world of Instagram and instantly fell in love with her all-natural style and color palette, pics of her cute fam and inspiring words of wisdom. Read on for more from this amazing mama - what's inspiring her these days, what she values in community and family plus what Minga she's wearing!

Tell us a bit about you! What is lighting your fire these days?

Hi, I'm Jasmine, wife and mother of four. I have the privilege to be a stay at home mom with my children and started homeschooling this year. Currently whats lighting my fire is just being a mother to my children they way I would have wanted my mother to be. Not saying that she didn’t do her best because she did. But, she worked and at times I felt like I couldn’t come to her and communicate how I wanted to.

How’s life at home? What are some challenges and wins you’ve had recently?

Life at home is busy lol. With four kids it is a juggling act. From waking up and everyone getting dressed for the day, then homeschool and preschool for the two older ones, all while keeping a toddler and baby content and happy. Everyday my win is getting a little school in for the both of my older ones. Doesn’t matter how it got done or if it didn’t go accordingly. As long as they were able to take something from it and learn one new thing a day I am happy! That’s my win!

Challenges are the daily mom mental battles of am I doing enough for my children. Growing up I did not know one single mom that stayed home with their children until I got saved in 2011 and saw ladies in my church who stayed home with their children. I have been at home now for 3 years and I’m still learning, but I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

We’re curious how did you discover Minga? What drew you to our small and growing brand? 

I found Minga one day on Instagram in a friends post. I am a hat lover, from wide brim hats to beanies to baseball caps. I just love hats. I loved that Emily's shop stood for what I love, all things ethical and sustainable. I also loved how transparent the company is with how the hats are made and the behind the scenes. I used to have a shop before my third, so my heart loves to support those who have their own shop.

It’s awesome to have your support. What is your favorite Minga piece and why?

Such a hard question, but my heart goes towards the hats! I can’t help it! 

The word Minga means, “Collaborative work in which friends and neighbors volunteer their time and effort to achieve a shared goal for the betterment of the community.” How would you define community and collaboration? How do those take a roll in your life right now?  

I would define collaboration  as people coming together for one cause, which helps a group of people and/or community. My space on Instagram is for mothers, all about motherhood. I love to encourage mamas through motherhood while inspiring them to look and feel great in a comfy home. I truly believe when you feel good by the things we put in our body and look good by the things we choose to wear can have a big affect on our mental. How one feels about them self and in turn helps you take care of your little ones better. I love to inspire and be a light to women who want to be a mother or women that already are. Even by just letting someone know that how they are feeling through the crazy journey of motherhood is normal and a positive way to look at those things. One way is through Jesus Christ lens. When we change our perspective. 

What are some other small brands and makers you’re loving right now? 

Some small brands and makers I love right now are the follows: @hugomatbaby @emme.mama @threebirdsbtq @wild.young.three @mamabirdart @rootedbabyco @dear.raffi

Where can we find you and how can we help support your work and mission? 

You can find me on Instagram @jasicamilledore and if you relate to any of my posts or someone you know that does, go ahead and like it and tag them in the posts. I truly love building a community with mamas. We all are in this thing together. Thank you Emily for having me. I truly appreciate it!



Emily Rathmanner