Palo Santo Incense


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Palo Santo means "holy wood" and has been used as a natural incense by the people of the Andes for centuries. Palo Santo has an all natural, subtle aroma and is known to have cleansing and healing properties. It also serves as repellent against mosquitos and other critters
These ecological Palo Santo incense sticks, by Wanchako, are 100% natural and are sustainably harvested and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru.
How to use: To ignite incense sticks use a match or light and hold for around 15 seconds. Blow out the flame and let the stick sit on a fire-resistant plate or while holding the stick spread around the room. Each incense burns for 25 minutes. To switch off, slightly remove the lit end by pressing it down on a plate. 
  • Each box contains 4 incenses.
  • Size of each incense: 5 cm.large x 1.5cm. diameter.
  • It can be split into 2 or 3 parts to be used in many different spaces.
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