Meet Arisa, our friend, go-to photographer and muse on all things sustainable living. 

We met Arisa over two years ago as our digital-lives crossed paths and when we finally met in person, the connection was magnetic. After graduating at UNCW with a major in Environmental Science and a big love of photography, she decided to pursue photography full time. “My personal mission is to create campaigns that empower others to care about the planet and themselves,” she says. 

Arisa was the first person we brought to Ecuador to witness and document the wonderful process of our artisan partners. Most of the photos you see on our site are taken by her. We’re constantly inspired by her creative process and endlessly grateful for how easy it is to work alongside her for all our campaign shoots, trips and more. Not to mention what she’s taught us about the meaning behind sustainability.

Throughout my sustainability journey, I began to realize that I needed to consume less in general, but more importantly, that my dollar matters when I purchase something. It’s the difference between unethical labor, and fair trade practices; between creating more waste for our oceans, and halting its production.”

We asked Arisa what her favorite Minga products are? We already knew the answer as she carries her Rosa Satchel everywhere and when she’s outside gardening, you can find her in her well worn Zoila Boater Hat.

“I think it’s important that we really start asking the question of where and how our products are being made. I love my Minga products not only because they’re hand-crafted and timeless, but because their mission is rooted in transparency.”

We invite you to get to know Arisa and her work even more by visiting her website or Instagram page. 


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September 04, 2023 — Emily Rathmanner